7 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

4 min readAug 23, 2021

Most businesses that are reluctant to adopt artificial intelligence do not realize that it can increase business productivity by as much as 40%!. AI can be key for upgrading a business’ social media campaigns and taking them to the next level. Let’s explore further how businesses can improve their impact of digital marketing efforts using artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of computer systems that are capable of executing tasks without the help of human personnel. Leveraging AI in marketing plans is essential for remaining competitive in today’s continually changing online landscape. Currently, we are in the middle of an artificial intelligence revolution.
Artificial intelligence has been adopted and transformed almost all industries — including marketing. Listed below are seven key benefits businesses can gain by incorporating artificial intelligence in their digital marketing efforts.

1. Machine Learning and Continued Learning
One of the key advantages of artificial intelligence is its ability to power and enhance machine learning. Machine learning is an application of AI that is able to learn and improve its processes from its experiences without being programmed.

Machine learning applications are mainly used in computer programs that have access to data and use it to learn and improve themselves. Leveraging AI is an excellent method to enable the technology to detect current trends. It gathers data from several sources like social media accounts, online reviews, websites, etc. Then AI utilizes that information to create and deliver content that resonates and is in line with what the business’ audience is looking for.

2. Smart Advertising on Social Media
All businesses recognize the importance and impact of accurate advertising. But many are slow to adopt smart advertising powered by artificial intelligence. AI-powered social media campaigns are capable of having an immense impact when implemented accurately.

Artificial intelligence applications facilitate insightful analysis for a business and its customers online. By leveraging AI in their marketing strategy, businesses can begin to make use of all the data they have available in order to make smarter, more informed decisions and reach more potential customers using compelling ads, at the most opportune times.

3. Bots and AI Chats on Your Website
If the business does not have a website set up yet, then that should be the first thing to do. If it does then the next step is to implement an AI chat function to the website and let it handle all queries and frequently asked questions from customers. Website visitors will appreciate the 24/7 customer service and quick response to their issues. Additionally, it will save the businesses from allocating employees and the hours they would spend answering mundane questions repeatedly. An AI chatbot is an excellent method of improving customer service and streamlines the process for employees.

4. Reduced Marketing Costs for the Best ROI
Is your business currently spending a lot of money on marketing and not seeing the results you hoped to see? Targeting specific audiences is a lot less expensive and highly effective when powered by AI. It also leads to the best possible ROI. Automated AI saves businesses a lot of time and marketing expenses while transforming the customer experience and making it more personalized and efficient.

5. Increased Personalization for Customers
In 2017, more than 40% of consumers changed brands as a result of a lack of personalization. Artificial intelligence can be instrumental in improving the impact and accuracy of customization as well as improving customer retention overall.

AI can enable businesses to do several things besides improving customer experience. For instance, AI can leverage data from previous customer journeys to anticipate future outcomes for new customers. It can also send customers personalized auto-generated emails or improve social media ad targeting.

Make sure to set up predicted and automated customer journeys in a marketing plan. This will be crucial for streamlining the lead growth. Such improvements are aspects that will ensure that the customers feel like valued patrons of the business.

6. Refined Content Delivery on Social Media
Is your business looking to refine its ad targeting efforts in order to create an increase in engagement on social media? Well, artificial intelligence can help with that as well.

Implementing audience analytics within a business’ AI software will provide better results. AI will be able to dive more in-depth than the regular audience settings and be able to find and target more potential customers.

After AI has identified these potential customers, it can guide them to the most relevant content at the most effective times. By continually serving relevant content to customers, the business will be able to increase the success and impact of its social media campaigns.

Leveraging AI to monitor and track customer preferences and behaviors will provide a better understanding of what appeals to them the most.

7. Artificial Intelligence Can Decide What Content to Create and When to Distribute it

One of the biggest challenges, according to marketers, is scaling up their content marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence makes this process easier by streamlining content creation and managing the distribution on its own.

AI can comprehend open forms of communication. This means it is able to learn the personality of the customer by tracking emotions in their social media posts. After which, it embodies the business’s brand voice to develop content that resonates with that audience, sounds natural and is in line with the tone of the business.

Artificial intelligence can enable a business to pinpoint its top-performing content, plan for future content, repurpose content and distribute it optimally across all of its digital marketing channels.