How AI and Blockchain Will Be The Right Future Of Cybersecurity

3 min readJun 17, 2021


Due to the increasing use and dependence on technology, we are constantly under the threat of being vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Whether it is an email scam intended to seek your bank details or corporate data theft which can potentially affect millions of people, the rise in cyber-attacks and its growing reach has caused cybersecurity to become a major concern.

So, how do we go about searching for a possible solution?

Important Trends About AI & Blockchain
AI and blockchain are two technologies that are driving major change in the current tech-driven landscape to improve cybersecurity.

More than 60% of enterprises claim that they are able to detect breach attempts by using AI and Blockchain technologies. Around 50% claim that their budgets for implementing AI in cybersecurity will provide a boost of around 29%.

Several leading tech giants have also made claims that they block trillions of threats to customers and their data using these technologies to improve their cybersecurity measures.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the two technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cybersecurity
Beyond a doubt, artificial intelligence has been adopted across several industries for a diverse range of functions. In addition to improving the overall efficiency and accuracy of processes at an unprecedented scale, it can also significantly improve the security system in order to avoid complex cyber attacks. Intelligent security can be an excellent solution to the ever-growing and changing threat of intelligent malware.

How can AI help?
AI is an excellent option for improving a cybersecurity defense system of a company, as it is capable of learning from previous and existing, successful, and failed attacks, and then changing its algorithms accordingly. Ultimately, this can help users detect abnormal behavior or activity of a device and deal with the threat before any damage is done.

Additionally, it can detect the root cause of the problem much quicker and can cross-check different sources of security data. When we consider these key capabilities of AI, the team of human cybersecurity personnel can instead shift their focus on more strategically valuable processes of the company.

Blockchain for Cybersecurity
Blockchain is another excellent solution for tackling cybersecurity challenges for companies that use distributed cloud networks — with restricted accessibility, accountability and transparency.

One of the key aspects of blockchain is its decentralized nature makes it a very secure option. It allows users to secure the authentication of the source of the transaction using hash codes. Consequently, this ensures that there is no possibility of duplicate recordings of the same transaction being created.

For further reference, blockchain platforms collect two types of consensus among their users to validate and authenticate any edits or changes by asking owners to prove ownership. These are:

Proof of stake (PoS) is a method to achieve distributed consensus.

The proof of work (PoW) method asks users to repeatedly run hashing algorithms to validate electronic transactions.

Final Thoughts
Artificial intelligence and Blockchain are both being aggressively and diversely adopted by companies to manage and prevent security breaches. However, with all things considered, relying on just one of these technologies as the final solution to resolving cybersecurity issues might be harmful in the long run. A better adoption would be to leverage the two technologies together and allow them to co-exist, allowing your system to be protected by the synergetic effect of the two technologies.