Three Main Aspects That Can Ensure Software Quality

Almost everything runs on software, nearly every business depends on it, every smartphone, desktop, smart tv and for that matter every new car relies on code.

It wouldn’t be wrong when said, modern civilization would fall apart without software.

The quality of the software really matters because it is so widely used and so important, low-quality software simply isn’t acceptable.

The to better understand the term software quality we’ll divide it into 3 aspects:
⦁ Functional Quality
⦁ Structural Quality
⦁ Process Quality

Why quality matters?

With software or basically anything else, analyzing quality means measuring value.
A product of higher quality has more value than a product that’s of lower quality.

A very important aspect to the above 2 lines is: Value to whom?

To simplify this, quality matters to:
⦁ The Sponsors
⦁ Development Team
⦁ The End Users

The sponsors who put their money behind an idea that can potentially solve a problem.

The development team that facilitates the process and makes the idea into a software.

The end-users who use the software to end a problem

Dwelling into the 3 aspects, to better understand this let’s reverse engineer the process.

Functional Quality

Starting with functional quality, meaning the software correctly performs the tasks it’s intended to do for its users.

Important attributes:
⦁ Meeting specific requirements, coming from the project’s sponsors and the intended users.
⦁ Compliance with laws and regulations
⦁ Fixing bugs that reduce software’s reliability
⦁ Ensuring the highest levels of security
⦁ Complete Functionality
⦁ Good enough performance
⦁ Ease of learning and ease of interface use.

Structural Quality

The second aspect of software quality, structural quality, meaning the code itself is well designed and structured.

Important Attributes:
⦁ Code testability- Is the code organized in a way that makes testing simple?
⦁ Code maintainability- Is it easy to add new code or change existing code without introducing bugs?
⦁ Code understand-ability- Is the code readable? Is it more complex than it needs to be?
⦁ Code efficiency- It is very critical to write efficient code especially in resource-constrained situations.
⦁ Code security-Does the created software allow attacks such as buffer overruns and SQL injection?

Development Process

Functional and Structural Quality has always been the most important but in our opinion, the development process in itself is equally important. The quality of the development process affects value received by the users.

Important attributes:
⦁ Meeting delivery dates. Was the software delivered on time?
⦁ Meeting budgets. Was the software delivered for the exact amount of money?
⦁ Meeting quality standards. Was is it a quality software?

The simple three-part breakdown described here is meant to provide one useful way to think about Software quality. Equal emphasis on structural quality, functional quality, and process quality, this approach helps widen the view to include the things that matter to all stakeholders: users, development teams, and sponsors.

Given the importance of software in today’s modern world, it’s hard to overemphasize the importance of software quality. Recognizing the broad scope this idea encompasses is a useful step along this path and helps in the long run and mitigates risk of failure.